Size Matters….Bit Size That Is!

Choosing the right bit size is important. If the bit is either too small or too large it can not do the job it is meant for and can actually harm your horse. Bits, at their best, always create pressure….pressure on soft tissue, on the palate, on the tongue, and even on nerves for the purpose of communication. The very best bit for your horse is the bit with the mildest action while still allowing you a communication pathway. There are many, many, many styles to choose from.

Your horse’s conformation and shape of his mouth/tongue/palate has an impact on what bit will be comfortable for their use. Not all bits fit all horses. Equine dentistry also plays a major role in bit “success” by maintaining the correct alignment and movement of the horse’s jaw. Dentition concerns such as wolf teeth, hooks and ramps, and sharp dental points all can interfere with the movement of their mouth and alter the way a bit actually sits. Finding the right bit for you and your horse may take some trials, but Advanced Equine Dentistry will be happy to assist you by measuring the actual bit seat during your routine dental visit, assessing the conformation of your horse’s tongue and palate, and maintaining their teeth in pristine condition! While we can’t be sure which “bit” you will choose, we can certainly help start your search by giving you some vital information about your horse’s mouth.

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