“Fall” is here….less rain, more riding, more parasites!

Welcome to fall in Florida. Like it or not, it isn’t much like fall up north. One thing that is quite different here in the sunshine state is that our parasite loads are the opposite of our northern equine friends.  Here, summer heat helps keep those critters at bay, but once we get cooler and drier, the numbers can climb.  Advanced Equine Dentistry is proud to offer an annual fecal egg count program…..4 specimens over a year with prepaid mailing that you collect in coordination with your own deworming program.  Together with good pasture management, we can help you monitor them and keep the numbers down! You can purchase the package  during any dental visit or give us a call and we can mail them out!


We love to teach!!!!

Richard Grist CEqD loves to teach!  He enjoys teaching his clients about the importance of equine dentistry related to the overall health of a horse, about specific aspects of horse behavior that can be related to dental issues, and ways a horse owner can improve a horse’s dental health on a daily basis.  In addition Richard truly enjoys educating both experienced practitioners and new students interested in careers in the Equine Dentistry field.  Last week AED had the pleasure of Dr. Christophe’s company again for a second week of training here is the U.S.A.  A native of Switzerland, Dr. Christophe has had many hours of instruction with Richard to fine tune his practice on the equine mouth.  We greatly appreciate all of our clients participating in his time here and the feedback he received….he had a wonderful time meeting all of you and your horses!