Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis…..EOTRH for Short!

Equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis. A long name for a complicated disease. Thankfully, we shorten the name to EOTRH (or “E-roth” as we say). EOTRH is a degenerative disease that affects the incisors and canines, in most cases. There have been a few select reports of it also involving the first premolars, but itContinue reading “Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis…..EOTRH for Short!”

AED is Proud to Sponsor PHA’s Annual “Equines for K9’s” Benefit

Please come join Advanced Equine Dentistry as we support the Pasco County Horseman’s Association and the Pasco County Sheriffs Canine Team on November 8th, 2020! Great organizations and lots of equine fun and prizes! Don’t miss the K9 Demonstration! Stop by the AED trailer and say “Hi”!

What’s the Deal with Wolf Teeth?

Whenever we check a new horse, especially a younger one, we look for the presence of wolf teeth. Wolf teeth are typically present just in front of the first cheek tooth, and can be present on both the top (more common) and the bottom jaw. They are numbered 105/205/305/405 and are present in around 70%Continue reading “What’s the Deal with Wolf Teeth?”

New “Wellness Packages” Designed to Save You Money While You Care for Your Horse!

At Advanced Equine Dentistry, we are keenly aware of our role in helping our clients provide preventative care for their equine partners. We specialize in dentistry but we also offer the routine veterinary services that allow you to keep them healthy….and bring it right to your barn door! After talking with many of you, we’veContinue reading “New “Wellness Packages” Designed to Save You Money While You Care for Your Horse!”

Choosing the Right Hay for Your Horse

After reading our article on Body Condition Scoring, you may be wondering if you are feeding your horse properly. Clients often ask us for nutritional advise based on what they have noticed with their horse. Sometimes, this is their first horse and they just feed what they were told by the old owner. Choosing theContinue reading “Choosing the Right Hay for Your Horse”

New Wellness Packages Designed to Save Our Horse Owners $$$

Advanced Equine Dentistry has created “Wellness Packages” designed to save our horse owners money on the dental and wellness services you routinely use! The packages bundle common wellness services with discounts attached to each level. You choose the services you need and a discount is automatically applied based on what your horse requires during theContinue reading “New Wellness Packages Designed to Save Our Horse Owners $$$”

Indications Your Horse May Need a Dental Exam

Most horse owners are familiar with some of the common signs that their horse may need a dental exam, such as difficulty chewing, loss of body condition, excessive salivation, and head turning while eating. “Dropping feed” isn’t necessarily a sign your horse is having issues chewing, unless they’re dropping hay. Horses mouths aren’t designed toContinue reading “Indications Your Horse May Need a Dental Exam”

Determining a Horse’s Age by its Teeth

: We are often called out by clients to check a horse they are interested in purchasing before they buy. As part of a pre-purchase exam, all horses should have their dentition checked. We have found broken teeth, broken jaws that have healed, and severe dental and oral diseases during these pre-purchase exams. One ofContinue reading “Determining a Horse’s Age by its Teeth”

Why Equine Dentistry is Important

How often should my horse have his teeth floated? Why should my horse have his teeth floated? These are questions many horse owners have asked themselves over the years. Current recommendations by the Association of Equine Practitioners (AAEP) vary with the age of the horse. Foals under a year old should have their mouth conformationContinue reading “Why Equine Dentistry is Important”