My Horse has a Cavity???

Yes! Your horse can get cavities just like you can…..kind of! Horse’s teeth have much the same composition as yours do and those tooth structures can decay when organisms enter the tooth through damage to the enamel surfaces. The advantage horse’s have is that their teeth are erupting continuously throughout their life….so if the cariesContinue reading “My Horse has a Cavity???”

Please, please Cut the Wires off of your Hay Blocks!

We frequently remind our clients that hay blocks in general are very hard on a horse’s teeth….no matter how much some might find them convenient. Horses’ dentition is not designed to “gnaw” and the act of trying to get hay off those tightly packed blocks (and tightly packed hay nets) damages their gums and theirContinue reading “Please, please Cut the Wires off of your Hay Blocks!”

Foxtail Alert…We are Seeing Increased Numbers of Horses with Foxtail Ingestions

Advanced Equine Dentistry has examined and treated an increased number of horses with foxtail injuries to their teeth, gums, tongue in the last couple of weeks. The horses have been from Hillsborough county and south so far, and no specific hay supplier has been identified. The most common symptom reported has been profuse drooling butContinue reading “Foxtail Alert…We are Seeing Increased Numbers of Horses with Foxtail Ingestions”

Please Support our Charities!

Advanced Equine Dentistry has the honor of supporting several local charities and athletes! We truly enjoy being able to offer our help in the equine community and we’d love our clients to know and support some of these folks too! These events are upcoming soon and just in time to get Halloween ready! Hope toContinue reading “Please Support our Charities!”

Why AED Recommends Equine Dental Exams Twice a Year

Horse’s teeth do not grow, they erupt at a constant rate throughout the lifespan of their teeth. The teeth which are 4 1/2 to 5 inches long as a young adult, exist below the gum line with only the crown portion exposed. Over the first year, horses develop their 24 “baby teeth” and under whichContinue reading “Why AED Recommends Equine Dental Exams Twice a Year”

Want to Help Your Horse’s Digestion? First Step is to Feed Them from the Ground!

Digestion starts in the mouth…..for humans and for horses! But our human “design” is a little different and our dinners are too! Horses teeth, bone structure, musculature, and salivary glands all function at their best when the food they are eating is on the ground. The first step is getting their food into their mouth.Continue reading “Want to Help Your Horse’s Digestion? First Step is to Feed Them from the Ground!”

Sometimes you just need an explanation…

Do you know why we recommend equine dentals twice a year? Do you know how much your horse’s teeth erupt annually? Did you know that horses get gingivitis just like humans do? Did you know that there are feeding methods used by many that actually damage the enamel on your horse’s teeth? Do you knowContinue reading “Sometimes you just need an explanation…”

Some absolute “MUST’s” for complete equine dental care

Equine dentistry is far, far more than a “float”. In fact, with horses living decades longer than in the past, the care and preservation of their tooth surfaces through advanced dental techniques is of key importance in protecting their health. Here are a few components that are “absolutes” in helping to assure the dental careContinue reading “Some absolute “MUST’s” for complete equine dental care”

Join the Grist’s in honoring Morgan Bosch Dombrowski DVM

Please join Richard and Terri on May 29th for the announcement of the recipient of Morgan’s memorial scholarship for 2022. The memorial is included in Ladybug Farm Sanctuary’s Wine and Cheese fundraiser event, an organization that Morgan supported personally. Along with her husband and any family who can attend, we are thrilled to support aContinue reading “Join the Grist’s in honoring Morgan Bosch Dombrowski DVM”

Last day to apply for the Dr. Morgan scholarship

When Morgan died last year, lots of her friends and colleagues wanted a way to memorialize her. The staff at Ladybug Farm helped to do just that; in cooperation with her husband and family a scholarship fund was created for students of animal sciences. Many donations have been received and the deadline to apply forContinue reading “Last day to apply for the Dr. Morgan scholarship”