Good nutrition needs good dentistry!

Before                                                      After

Alignment of your horse’s teeth is crucial for their mastication process and their ability to access the nutrients in their food.  This equine client had large hooks and a severe overbite prior to his dental procedure.  Corrected, his ability to chew and start his digestive process improves and the horse makes strides toward maintaining optimal wellness!  Call us for a free evaluation of your horse’s dental needs!

Great to meet so many new horse owners and introduce you to our practice!


Thanks to the many folks in Ocala who stopped by this weekend to check out our state of the art trailer and learn about our dentistry practice!  Our corporate sponsor, Seminole Feed, was an awesome host and provided us this amazing opportunity to meet you.  Hope we taught each of you some things you didn’t know about equine dentistry and gave you insight into how important it is for the well being of your equine partners!  Our raffles were a big success with our winner on Saturday being Stacy S. and our winner on Sunday being Ken S.  Our office staff will be contacting you this week to give you all the details of the free dental service you won and to schedule them for you!  Don’t forget to use your coupons…..looking forward to meeting all of your horses!

A chance to watch a demo and get free dental!

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Come Join Us!!

Advanced Equine Dentistry is excited to be an exhibitor at Giddy-Up Saddle Shop’s Horsey Yard Sale on Saturday, September 3rd . Take a drive to 490 Broad Street, Masaryktown, FL at 11 am to watch our live demo of an expert dental exam and complete procedure as well as participate in our seminar explaining the importance of routine equine dental care. All attendees will receive a coupon for $20 off their next dental appointment and will be entered into a free drawing for a complimentary routine dental including sedation and trip! (up to 50 miles) We can’t wait to see you to show you our awesome new trailer and introduce our staff



The Dental trailer is complete!


Richard and Chris have been busy working both on their clients horses, but also on completing the dental trailer.  The graphics are done, the new intra-oral camera and viewing screen is installed, and the finishing touches all done for the interior! Tons of work has gone into creating an environment that is both safe and modern for your equine dental care!  If you see us on the road, snap a picture and tag us on Facebook…..can’t miss the new colors!