We are still making appointments…

The Advanced Equine Dentistry Staff hopes that all of our clients are safe and healthy! We wanted you to know that we are working as we are a veterinary practice, always wear gloves and masks, AND can easily maintain 6 foot distances from you during our procedures. But, we also wanted you to know that if you’d prefer to remain in your home for your horse’s appointment, you may put them in an easily accessible area (stall or small paddock) and we will certainly handle them for you. We are able to take credit card payments by phone or you can leave a check at the time of your visit. Just let us know when we call to confirm if you need and special arrangements and we can help you take care of your horses and stay safe! Take care!

What is “wellness”?

For humans, the World Health Organization defines wellness as “a state of complete physical, mental, and social well being, and not merely the absence of disease”. When we talk about “equine wellness” in our practice, it goes beyond dentistry. We know that each of our clients acts as their horse’s guardian and that overall, their goal is a healthy and happy horse. Because the ability to eat is so vital to that outcome, our practice is structured to provide excellent dentistry utilizing technical skill, professional equipment, and procedures designed to produce less stress on both your horse’s teeth and on their mind. At the same time, we focus on other services to promote that desired state of health such as parasite management, nutritional counseling, body scoring, routine vaccinations, skin care, wound care, pain relief, and client education. Advanced Equine Dentistry and our veterinary staff are proud to be a partner in attaining equine wellness for thousands and thousands of clients. We’d be happy to meet your horse and become your partner too!

Happy Holidays!

The Advanced Equine Dentistry team wishes their clients the happiest holiday season and hopes that your celebrations include some precious time with your equine partners. We will be working a few days over the next two weeks….with some much needed relaxation and celebrating occurring too! In the office, we will check for messages daily and keep up with emails, so please contact us if you have an emergent dental condition or concern. Our January schedule is packed; if you need an appointment next month, be sure to call us asap so we can work you in!

Horse happiness!

Happy Holidays….please book early!

As we all get ready for some amazing times with our families and friends this season, please remember that here at AED, it gets really busy when our clients have time off from work.  We would love to meet all of your equine dentistry needs this season, so please call us and schedule your December appointment asap. The calendar is filling fast!

horse christmas

New equipment for better care of your horses!

Advanced Equine Dentistry has recently purchased a new Cold Laser system to replace our older model and our staff is busy updating their training!  Laser therapy is a great adjunct to wellness care and has been found to be highly effective in horses.  Ask us some question about what we can treat and how it can help your horses!


“Fall” is here….less rain, more riding, more parasites!

Welcome to fall in Florida. Like it or not, it isn’t much like fall up north. One thing that is quite different here in the sunshine state is that our parasite loads are the opposite of our northern equine friends.  Here, summer heat helps keep those critters at bay, but once we get cooler and drier, the numbers can climb.  Advanced Equine Dentistry is proud to offer an annual fecal egg count program…..4 specimens over a year with prepaid mailing that you collect in coordination with your own deworming program.  Together with good pasture management, we can help you monitor them and keep the numbers down! You can purchase the package  during any dental visit or give us a call and we can mail them out!