What does your Equine Dentist do when he’s not caring for your Horses??? He Builds A New Dental Trailer!!!

Most of our clients know that Richard is multi-talented, but they may not know that he builds ALL of our dental trailers himself. When first in private practice, Richard did function the “old way” in barns, in stalls, and with free standing head stands. What he determined though, through his experience, was that a dental practitioner’s ability to complete an excellent oral exam, perform a full three point balance of your horse’s mouth, and maintain the utmost safety standards was hindered by the environment that seemed the norm for historical practices. His creation of a trailer designed and built specifically for equine dentistry was a new concept in his field and Rich has gone on to build numerous trailers in succession…..each benefiting from thousands of your horses’ dental visits to help him determine what improvements were desirable.

So…the new dental trailer went on the road this Monday and we are getting used to the new environment! So far, the lucky first clients have watched us try to remember what drawers we put supplies in and find our way around. The comments have all been great and we are hoping the changes in this trailer are ones you will find a benefit to the care of your horses! What is different you ask?

  • The trailer is about 5 feet shorter in total length with a shorter ramp
  • The trailer is aluminum so lighter (with our gas costs more than doubled, we hope this helps us keep trip charges reasonable for you)
  • The trailer has a fan directly in the horse environment for their comfort
  • The new head lift allows for more length and height of its extension (easier on our dentist and on your horse!)
  • The trailer is equipped with a digital scale (accurate weights are certainly best veterinary practice!)
  • The trailer has a retractable awning over the exit ramp to help us keep the interior cool and dry in our Florida weather!
  • The trailer has less protrusions into our work area and less joined segments to improve our ability to keep it clean.
  • The trailer interior was planned around work flow….we can be more efficient
  • We are still that eye catching yellow and blue…..just reversed for a change of scenery!

Can’t wait for your horses to try it out! Great (not dental) work Richard Grist CEqD!

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