Some absolute “MUST’s” for complete equine dental care

Equine dentistry is far, far more than a “float”. In fact, with horses living decades longer than in the past, the care and preservation of their tooth surfaces through advanced dental techniques is of key importance in protecting their health. Here are a few components that are “absolutes” in helping to assure the dental care they are receiving is the safest and most complete…..

  1. Your equine dental practitioner should ALWAYS, ALWAYS uses a light source!!! Dental tools are sharp, horse’s mouth are deep and dark… is an absolute for safe dental care.
  2. Your equine dental practitioner should use a speculum. A speculum holds a horses teeth apart and allows for visibility and safe, accurate movement of dental tools. Without a speculum in place, the furthest molars are rarely opened far enough for adequate access to the posterior tooth surfaces.
  3. Your equine dental practitioner should address and treat your horses incisors (front teeth) as well as their molars (back teeth) at every visit. A horse’s “bite” can be disrupted by uneven surfaces on ALL teeth and simply reducing the sharp points of the molars is not sufficient. Elongated and uneven incisors can directly affect their alignment and grind surfaces.


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