The Horses in Heaven are in Good Hands Now

Three years ago, Advanced Equine Dentistry hired a new veterinarian. She moved to Florida to take this job and told us it was exactly what she wanted. It turned out, she was exactly what we wanted too. Morgan adored our clients, she had a great working relationship with Rich, and she became part of ourContinue reading “The Horses in Heaven are in Good Hands Now”

Acupuncture as a Tool to Improve Your Riding

Have you ever thought about acupuncture treatments? Many of our clients are proponents of using this ancient therapy to treat their horses, but they are missing out on the advantages it offers to equestrians. Here at AED, we have all had acupuncture therapies with much success….and we’d like to recommend our clinician! Do you loveContinue reading “Acupuncture as a Tool to Improve Your Riding”

Learning About Tools of the Trade

Richard Grist CEqD gets many questions from clients about the tools he chooses to work with and the benefits of those tools to equine dental care. As with anything “horse” related, there are endless opinions and theories passed around and adopted into the health care routines of owners. Follow along as we explain how AdvancedContinue reading “Learning About Tools of the Trade”

Springtime Wellness Checks for Your Equine Companion

It’s Springtime! And along with the return of our awesome weather comes more horse riding, more horse events, more horse shows, more horse everything! Just like we “spring clean” our homes, this month is a great time to make a list of your horse’s wellness needs and get those appointments and exams on your calendar!Continue reading “Springtime Wellness Checks for Your Equine Companion”

So……You Want to Buy a Horse!

First-time horse buyers are often unsure of what exactly they should be looking for when buying a horse. They may be unfamiliar with horse terminology and what, exactly, owning a horse entails. Even some experienced horse owners still need assistance when purchasing a new horse. If you are new to horses, always take an experiencedContinue reading “So……You Want to Buy a Horse!”

Size Matters….Bit Size That Is!

Choosing the right bit size is important. If the bit is either too small or too large it can not do the job it is meant for and can actually harm your horse. Bits, at their best, always create pressure….pressure on soft tissue, on the palate, on the tongue, and even on nerves for theContinue reading “Size Matters….Bit Size That Is!”

Sand Colic….Different?

Sand colic is a specific type of colic seen in horses that live in a sandy environment. It accounts for about 5% of all colics seen. Sand colic presents with symptoms similar to any generic colic, such as inappetence, pawing, rolling, looking or kicking at the stomach, distress and unease, and dehydration. One sign thatContinue reading “Sand Colic….Different?”